Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lace Flowerings ...

Whilst cleaning/restoring some lace at the weekend, as I picked up a piece to press it, the term 'Flowerings' sprung to mind. Acknowledging this term as possibly the style of embroidery I was looking at, I have once again begun to query the origin & link between certain stitchery & the techniques used - the above being a good example of this.

Perhaps another 'cross-over' or piece of symbolism ??

Saturday, 24 September 2011

White Feathers ...

Another dog walk today has resulted in a few more feathers being found along the road. Don't yet know why I'm collecting them other than I already have some & want to get more. To the right are those of the past few weeks - some lovely shades of grey as well as a few white ones.

An interesting thought has just occurred to me (based on this & the previous blog title) ... namely:


Any connections ??

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hang men ...

Just taking dog out today when noticed the new estate agent had just put their board up. It's one of those swinging ones (very 50s style) like those shown here:
Anyway, it just reminded me of HANGMEN (the game that is) PLUS a general interest in Hangings ... albeit wall type fabric ones or things that hang or wooden gibbet ones.

My first recollection of the word GIBBET was back in the late 60s when a friend mentioned a place called ' Combe Gibbet ' (click here if you want to read more) - the word GIBBET having an interesting sound. Just Googling, I also came across this (an image similar in my thoughts beforehand!):

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Stripes in autumn ...

Took this quickly after more collected bits I'd found - rather like the effect of the blinds. Shall have an experimental morning soon continuing with this in Photoshop. Also was thinking about the feathers & their display/use etc - must remember the use of straws as holders (must remember to get some fine ones somewhere).

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Getting additional mileage from a gasket ...

Came across the phrase 'SACRED GEOMETRY' last week - an interesting concept & one to investigate further.

Also, yesterday I was playing around with my GT6 gasket on the computer & have come up with this (apertures contain images of my interests) ... think this could have additional mileage !!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Autumn colours ...

    Yesterday was a sunny day & showed autumn in its first early stages. I've been meaning to do a seasonal colouring exercise for some time & used an opportunity to get some pix for reference.

     ... especially for the colours of the variagated & red leaves ...

    ... for acorns (especially the cups) & sycamores (the twirling process) for their shape
    & manner in which they form

    ... as well as lots of seed pods because of the unusual shapes when 'popped' open
    + the shinyness of a conker