Monday, 28 November 2011

The studio make-over has begun ...

Above left is the new front entrance where I'll be working. Likely to be decorated in some way but unsure at the moment how so for the time being it will remain just plain white (as you'll notice above right, a big improvement from how it started its life). The shutter too is new - gone the old 2-hand pushed one & now an electric one that also allows more light in.

The inside redecoration is well underway - appx 80% of all ceiling & walls now finished (just bits left) as is the office area. All flooring is booked for 10 days time & furniture/fittings removal-delivery for the week after that. Then it will be finishing ... putting furniture in place & final decorations. By the way, the frontage has a 'ram post' I've inherited ... rather rusty at the moment but a useful thing. As you can see, it's a bit of an eye-sore but I also intend giving that a make-over too!

This final stage is likely to be on-going over the next few months as I get each 'dedicated section' underway & completed. At this stage, I envisage 7 (or so) small areas set aside for:
on-going work - inspiration - art & design - repair/renovation - photography - reference
plus some sort of display 'gallery' for finished items. This sectioning idea has mainly come about whilst I've been decorating inside & familarising myself with the lighting qualities & the way in which natural & artificial light falls inside. (However, once flooring & furniture come in, this could change.)

The general idea is to have the inside rather like a blank canvas with neutral type colours (white, dark grey/black) to display on & work within. Some of my previous work relies on specific lighting conditions which this 'studio' currently has - one reason for moving into it ... I also find it rather inspirational in its own right!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Updates ...

It's been a few weeks since I've written as things are beginning to move forward. First, here's the latest 'studio' update news :
Have now finished 1 coat on the studio walls & it's looking nice & bright. The 'silk' finish of the paint is reflecting the outside light to the inside although I still have the ceiling to do (my next in line of jobs in this section). The office has been emptied ready to begin that part of the painting - possibly will finish this totally as removals booked for end of this month (I hope if all goes according to plan).

Some other jobs are being completed by local workmen: some new electrics & a heater, a mezzanine floor has been boarded over (above the studio so I will be able to store more items), a new studio 'front' (in white) booked in for 2 weeks time & floor covering thru from the office to the kitchen/loo area.

I've also been keeping my 'record' of notes up-to-date - now many names for projects all ready to start. I treated myself to a new compact camera about 2 weeks ago - still haven't had time to charge it! I opted for a compact after much thought - decided to keep my old trust Minolta Dynax with all bits. Thought I'd be able to set this one up in the studio for using for in-house shots - bag of bits & pieces too bulky & awkward to carry easily around.

Some shots last week reminded me of cloud formations I find interesting - here's just 1: