Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Looking inside ...

I've finally been able to log on to another external drive,  located some other images which have now been updated into my library. I came across 4 of these & thought I'd taken more but not found them! It's from inside one of my kaleidoscopes at what can be seen & reminds me I've still that job to do too.

It's possible it may ultimately 'link' with Project:Pattern so for the time being, it's to be filed there.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Notes to date ...

Just over halfway through this month - how time flies when your legs are out of action !!!

Anyway, very pleased with all my design & conceptual ideas to date ... all my hard work 'computer housekeeping' is certainly paying off. Images & documents are now much easier to find & add to.

At the weekend I popped into the studio to pick up some books, art materials, old research notes & a box of samples to photograph. That prompted me to start on ACTUAL WRITTEN NOTES about my 'stitches thoughts' as it's a lot easier when you're reading books etc rather than typing on the computer. However, maybe when I've got more underway, I might computerise it using a database of some sort (I think I have one I started from several years ago that may come in useful).

Naturally, reading about 'stitches' resurrected my thoughts on an old research topic started back in the 1990s. Having collected the notes, I'm hoping to have a good read & see if it can be continued as it was sort of an on-going project in the first place! At this stage I can't remember what I've got although I think I may have a lot of it & it just needs a good sort out !! (More on that later)

By the way, the image above relates to the topic of research & immediately seeing it made me think that I will possibly carry on with it  - maybe not along the lines I originally thought!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Do you use STITCHES ?

I've just begun Project:Stitch which then made me wonder ...
... what do you use your stitches for
PLUS do you have any alternative names you know them as?

If you'd like to tell me, then click the STITCHES link below to add your comments:
(NOTE: you will be redirected)


alternatively, have a look at some of my samples here

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Section 3

Another section completed & looking good so far … PLUS stitching keeps coming into my mind! I’m unsure whether this will be totally or just in part as at the moment, I can only ‘see’ partial or in certain sections. For this reason, I’m not going to continue with any other sections until I’m more definite on a background. Also, I’ve covered 21 years (appx) & feel that if any of the design should change, it would be appropriate at this point in time.

It’s a nuisance I can’t get into the studio to try some different things but at the moment I just have to keep imagining (legs still keep me from walking)! Anyway, I think I must now give some thought to different backgrounds. It is possible they may be textile but maybe not … as I can also visualize a textured (non-textile) background perhaps with overlays. I have a few ideas I might try initially in Illustrator or Photoshop (for concepts). For the time being, will just have to be happy with that & see where it leads.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sections 1 & 2 Reviewed ...

A few experiments yesterday led me to readjust sections 1 & 2 in the context of the 2 being used together. I’m much happier now about the concepts & can continue with the next sections. Also stitches & textiles are beginning to be visualised (although other art forms as well) – so this is likely to affect my other conceptual ideas of the next sections.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Section 2 - Progression ...

Although wanting to get started on some samples, I decided to continue with Section 2 (basically the next 7 year cycle for inspirational ideas). Each section needs to detail my progression of ‘thought processes’ so using a similar series of Photoshop techniques as per those yesterday, I’ve managed to produce the above image. It will also help me decide how I’ll be ‘linking’ each section together – both visually as well as on a creative level. (I’ve learnt from bitter experiences in the past not to start something ‘too quickly’ as it can often lead to ‘reworking’ something you're not entirely happy with.

There are several other ‘creative influences’ at work in each of the 2 sections so far & although not mentioned here, they will be ultimately (when all sections are comnpleted). I’ve noticed them much more when the 2 sections were placed side-by-side …. yesterday’s section 1 now needs to be slightly adjusted. I’ll possibly leave this at the moment & wait until some other sections are underway & all can be viewed as a whole.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Section 1 - Stencil a year ...

Have played around Photoshopping several copies of yesterdays images – mainly related to colours & shapes (as well as cut-outs). I was also superimposing shapes etc from one to another – all to do with the year I’m trying to show. At this moment in time, the year shown represents a particular memorable occasion. Remembering the ‘lines’ artwork of last week, I decided to try some stencils - they are also appropriate for what I’m trying to show. I liked the first effect I did (see above) so will possibly try some similar ideas following on from this.

Whilst creatively ‘experimenting’ in my new technique for ideas etc, it’s also helping me to consider how I’m ultimately going to produce the image as a final piece of ‘artwork’. I’ve mostly worked in textiles but for this piece, want to do it using other mediums. I did various ‘experimental’ samples a few years ago (many included within the Make-Do-&-Mend Embroidered Book) & quite likely will resurrect some of these.

NOTE: I’m still unwalkable so unable to get into my studio. All my samples, tools etc are there with their references so for the time being I’m having to ‘make-do’ just using the computer (rather appropriately as you’ll find out later!!).

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Faded look of a past ...

During the rest of the day, I've been tidying the image from yesterday. Final positioning of the small images, then Photoshopping the result to get the qualities I'm seeking. Several variants later, I've chosen these 2 above to now continue with ... I'm gradually getting that 'faded look of a past' where images are haunting & somewhat sequential. I'm next hoping to blend the above 2 together somehow ... mainly to portray a final period of time I want to represent.

I'm also trying to make use of a 'gridlike' panelling concept that feels right to use for 'Interspection' as a finished piece of (maybe textile?) art. I've always had a tendency to think practically &/or logically (computer days & flow-charts!) & approach much of what I do with this in mind. I think it's part of the way I work & should be represented. PLUS I think it's how the individual sections may be assembled together at a later stage (when all completed) & would be an important part of the final 'structure'. (I usually test things first visually - it's so much easier to do earlier rather than later!)

7 year cycles !

A few experimental ideas on Monday with the tablet has changed what I'll actually be doing next. As I started to add a few 'experimental sketchings' to the line/shape artwork, it confirmed that the concept I was trying to display as an image would actually work. Rather than now continue with just a 'test', I decided to begin the 'Introspection' piece.

Some days ago I also mentioned  it was possible 'Interspection' would be some sort of pieced or mosaic work. I believe we all travel through different 'life cycles' - each being of 7 years duration (approximately) & for different purposes or reasons. With this in mind, I thought it important to show this in some way too.

I started by rereading my earlier related blogs & looking at that imagery as some 'memory joggers'. As I also have an interest in family history (& periodically doing that too), I spent some of yesterday researching it. Although primarily 'location' based, it triggered some important images for me & these could be integrated too. Thinking it a good idea to 'begin at the beginning', I started to write initial 'narratives' for this artwork's explanation - mainly so that I didn't have to do it later! This immediately provided the detailed concept together with visual imagery which I feel I can now now'capture'.

This first piece (above) shows that 'initial' image to represent the beginning of my 'creativity & inspiration' - up to the age of 7 (the first age-cycle). There's a lot more work to be done on it but at this moment in time, it captures exactly what I want it to.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Interspection taking shape ?

Yesterday afternoon & on re-looking at recent images, one in particular seemed important for some reason. Apart for it being an art exercise, I specifically had chosen certain images & words that were appropriate & suitable FOR ME. Then on reviewing that image, it did somewhat capture something about me so decided to creatively continue with it.

A start was made quickly in Photoshop where the above quickly took shape - I texturised a background (for my meaning) by making it more fabric-like. On then looking at it, I thought it would possibly be suitable to be enhanced further within Illustrator & use of my tablet. Here we go next !!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Review 1, update & 1000 words !

Looking through my work so far, I'm pleased at what I've achieved ... I am gradually coming to realise why I like the things I do & why I take certain photos, plus I'm also becoming more critical of what I'm doing as I actually do it. All this most likely caused by just sitting still (legs are still only walking a few steps)!

On reflection, it appears that the 'nature diary' I made when very young, has influenced me enormously throughout my life without me actually realising it.  I've never kept any sort of written diary (for more than just a few days) & can now understand why. I've often said that I wished I could have a camera in my head as images constantly just 'fly around'. For me, written words are 'very time consuming' & I'm starting to appreciate the saying:
"an image can say a 1000 words"

With reference to the nature diary mentioned above (I'll be writing it separately later), I can now understand why I like to record things the way I do. I've noticed both here & with my other blogs, that they all have a common 'essence' (a very good word & somewhat appropriate). Although not related directly to what I do within my textile work, I think it may be that quality I'm trying to find & 'capture' & I'm hoping that by continuing along this path, I will ultimately achieve this objective along with others too! (I know what I mean even if you don't!!)

One thing in particular I've enjoyed doing, is looking back over my digital work to date (image organising, blogs, use of a few new gadgets, etc) to see what I've (creatively) achieved so far. My digital recording methods may be very good in one context, but unlike a 'proper notebook', I find they don't have the immediate capacity to 'jog my memory' from earlier recordings. In fact it seems to make words & images 'disappear' as well as becoming rather 'impersonal'. Perhaps though, this may have been because I've been using this method more like a quick note-taker for the duration of the house/business moves. However, overall it has helped me to get back on track (creatively to where I was before I moved), gather my thoughts & ideas into a more cohesive form which hopefully I can now use & develop further.

For the reason of the 'disposable' quality mentioned above & that (for my use) the blogs I write are also rather 'cumbersome reference points' when read 'backwards', I've decided its now time to keep some 'digital chronological copies'. As I've been tracing my work & analysing it, it seems several 'themes' have kept repeating (especially over a period of years) & now on reflection, they need accessing. To maintain a 'focal point' will be important & rather essential especially as I intend to look at them individually & in more detail. I'll be looking at where they originated from in my past, & 'record' them together in some way & then see what happens next! Additionally, I feel this entry should be included with "Project: Interspection" - I'm not sure exactly why at this stage.

NOTE: I chose the above image (a section from yesterday's work as a 'negative') because I thought it  appropriate to represent the 1000 word phrase above ...  for me it's showing exactly that!