Thursday, 20 December 2012

Momobay, Slideshow & End of year housekeeping !

This is my father's Lafayette communication radio receiver manual. I inherited this & the radio several years ago, had it repaired & hope to  'have a play'  with it here. Looking at it yesterday, it reminds me of my interest in 'communication' albeit very different from that above. The e-side of MY JOURNEY is "knitting together" more or less as planned ... different uses & mind-sets co-ordinating well. Although at this stage perhaps a bit 'labour intensive' on my part (log-ins, slight repetition & locating lost e-files), I'm quite certain that over the next few months things will settle down & it will all be easier to locate & navigate. (A New Year updated phone should help with this.) I'm using an Apple OS10 system (very different to the above!) & very happy with how it's currently set up for my use - both for hardware & software. It has seen much better 'formal creative days' but now it too is taking things easy & doing what it does best! It's easy & quick to use ... I know all the software on it & can't be doing with re-learning it all over again! Maybe in a few years time!!

With the computer side of my creations high on my current agenda, I've been busy over the past couple of weeks doing that awful computer chore of "end of year housekeeping". I've done it somewhat religiously every year for the past 'X' (except last year with the move) after suffering a huge data loss when I hadn't kept copies of things & spent many hours having to re-create it all. Never again to have it happen - especially when a good percentage of the files were supposed to have been backed up by someone else!!

In carrying out this nasty chore, I often notice that many ways of doing things have suddenly become either out-moded or redundant. In particular this time, my library of current photos. In a bit of a mess - very badly arranged - often difficult to locate - unlabelled. Also, many of them had been taken with my new camera - adding with it many more photos!! I thought the time had now come to split them up into creative usables & ones for reference only. The entire old library will be archived onto the Momobay (good use for this old piece of hardware) so I can dip into it as & when. My mobile laptop (a bit elderly & in need of a possible update) will then be used for accessing it as well as having it run in the studio as a creative slide-show.

Friday, 14 December 2012

The New Year Approaches

I hope by the end of this year to have all my things in their respective 'homes' - either at home or in the studio. Everything generally has been unpacked & put into its new place(s) & ready for the new year to bring all my creative thoughts & processes altogether. Many things have been sorted out, tidied up, finished, put into order, prepared for next stages & lots of lost items have been finally found! Also a lot of new ideas have come about but currently in a notebook!

One of the most pressing things I needed to do was to 'bring together' all my different sides of creativity: textiles - crafts - photography - computer ... under one roof & so that I can reference it all side by side - if you're interested then have a look here.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Lost but not disappeared !

What a dreadful time since my last entry - a house & work move & DOWNSIZING !!! Lots of things crammed in boxes to be sorted out at later date - one thing being my list of log ons & info. Lost but not forever as finally found & here I am again. Now trying to bring everything under one " e-roof". If you've arrived here from one of my other e worlds you'll have seen what I mean !! Now, depending on whatever mood I'm in, I'll be able to update & (hopefully) keep abreast of it all.

By the way, this is what I see every night from the lounge - not always a sunset though!!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Boxes galore ...

Mid December, the majority of my equipment got sent off to the studio. Then we had Xmas & snow & I haven't seen things since. All I knew the space was just full of boxes. Saturday went down to see how things are & after moving some items into the office section, this is how it's been left.

Not as bad as it was when I first entered but LOTS TO DO & can't wait to get started although some painting to be done.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A New Year but not as hoped ...

All my working tools & equipment went off (boxed up & into the studio) toward the end of December. BUT no definite house sale so far has meant not been able to get along to unbox anything PLUS weather has also been against things too.

Undeterred so far, I've been kept busy tidying & sorting things in the house whilst keeping my creative hand in with alterations & practical tasks. I've also been 'end-of-year' computing tasks such as clearing out old files etc etc & I've just come across the 'Dynamic View' for my blog which suits it well!

Today though, after the weekend snow & not being able to get the car down a steep icy slope, things are finally starting to get a little irritant !!!!!!!!!!! I just want to get started in the studio ... retrieve all my things & make sure they haven't disappeared - especially things like this :

- I just hope he hasn't run away!