'Project' definition ...

NOTE: Here, the term 'PROJECT' is defined as 'work in progress' - a phrase I've often used to students. Now, as my "own student", I'm also finding it appropriate as each piece of 'work' will (hopefully) PROJECT me into my future!

Having reached a stage in my life where I can do 'ALMOST WHAT I WANT' (having more time & opportunity for myself), in July 2011 I began a journey. Intending to make up for lost time, I aim to create a series (&/or sets) of mixed-media 'artworks' that demonstrate a personal creative progression(s). Following a house & studio relocation mid-2012, computer skills acquired over recent years were initially used to 'record my routes & create visual links' to my progress. However, next in a position to  start work on certain 'projects', 2 separate accidents resulted in me being unable to walk or stand for any length of time. With this temporary set-back, I subsequently concentrated on computer designing & referencing & by autumn 2013, was ready to 'craft' again.

'Projects' are triggered by almost anything - I just have to wait a while until they gather momentum & they'll begin their own unique life-cycle! Sometimes it can be a piece of music that starts the ball rolling ... sometimes an image of something quite unrelated ... sometimes a few words ... I never know why, when, which or what! And that's part of the reason why I'm detailing everything here - ready for any future use or reference!

Many 'projects' (new & resurrected old ones) will 'spring' into my mind as actual 'shapes' & can often be difficult to creatively keep track of individually. For some considerable length of time (years in fact), I've been unable to record these ideas with many being 'left on a mental-shelf' unfinished! Now I am able to list these projects - with others added or amended if or when they change direction. As each one begins 'construction', it is detailed (techniques etc) & when complete, will have a full narrative and description provided alongside being on display in a digital gallery.