Diary 2013

Dec '12: Over a year has now passed & I'm finally 'in situ' in my studio although in the past 6 months I've done nothing constructive as I misplaced most of my e-world info in the move! I've had little time to spend on 'my work' as I've been getting all other 'moved' things 'back on track'. Now everything is altogether & (generally) in one designated fixed place, albeit either at home or work (in the studio) but a severely sprained foot in August didn't help!

Jan '13:  A New Year's Day knee-lock & unable to walk properly so have to sit down & "TAKE STOCK". I'm now forced to start & link my e-world & try to use it as best I can - possibly the final stage in what I was hoping to do ... or the beginning of the next phase (whichever way you want to look at it!). I've also got a new 'Note' phone to try & extend my 'creative branches' ..... next "REFLECT" & try to tidy things up by 'work in progress' coming to an end as its meaning ceases to be - this then allows something else to continue often in a more meaningful way. This has happened to one of the earlier projects (Flowers) begun last July. When looking at its images now, I think its  'appeal'  is more suited & applicable to 2 other on-going projects ( Mosaic & Pattern ) so Project:Flowers imagery will be moved into to them. Another 2 RESULTS: I've completed Project:Escape  by forming it into a digital 'gallery' to showcase my artworks & Project:Stitch, is to become a digital archive of stitched items I collect. I have also made the decision to keep a chronological copy of my blog entries to later assist with remaining focussed on certain projects when not on the computer (I'm later hoping to transform it partially to paper).

Feb '13:  Leg(s) still out of proper action forces me to stay on the computer!  All important blog entries are now 'hard copy' usable for chronological reference. 'Notes odds & ends' also found & amalgamated into one small notebook - likely I will come across some others! Project: Interspection  begun although initially undecided how it will ultimately be made (ie. textile or other).  12/2:  Concepts for 3 sections of Interspection completed & start work on ideas for backgrounds. 15/2:   Project:Stitch also being started after finding my original ideas but by mid-month, decide it will be on-going. Basic stitches confirmed, clarifications/descriptions completed & uploaded initial imagery.  27/2: Have begun an on-line sketchbook to help keep me organised & ensure I can view them together easily & quickly.
Mar '13: Leg(s) a bit better as I still find odd digital images in various files - although not surprising considering how long it's been since any house-keeping! (ie. at least 2 years). 14/3:  I'm still coming across odd files as I 'work my library' & upload images to my blogs etc. Also I'm noticed that Project: Dolls  is sort of taking a hazy shape (especially after I uploaded LAZY DAISY!) & last weekend I scribbled some sketchy ideas for Project: Button 22/3I'm still finding files that should have been deleted sometime ago which shows just how 'LAZY DAISY' I've been! However, I'm nearing the end of 'uploading image reference' stage which will now make it much easier to stay 'digitally' on track.
Apr '13:  Leg(s) noticeably better & for some things I can walk unaided although up/down stairs still need a stick support. Finally - apparently was a knee cartiledge injury! Project:Stitch is as up-to-date as I can currently get it & will now be on-going. A few stitching alterations have come my way, so they have got me back into stitching again - with my knee, it's been difficult to sit at the sewing table for any length of time.  10/4: I've just uploaded a slideshow onto YouTube - my first one there. I'll see how that goes etc before adding to it. As with many computer/digital ideas they have to be personally tested - or rather as I usually do ... experimented to find what is possible! This is where I'm hoping to play around with my Samsung Note.
May '13:  Leg(s) relatively better but a very slow process - wouldn't attempt climbing a ladder or even a chair! I mention this because time is right for re-decorating house etc especially as c   omputer side of things now coming to an end (I'm pleased to say). I'll now be unable to do much more til I'm in the studio on a more fulltime basis. Re-decoration    won't really be my doing this time around except supervising & then finishing bits & pieces (ie. some stencilling, metallic "twiddley bits' etc etc). Between this I'll be making all the new textile things necessary so my creative-side won't be much here as without going to the studio on a regular basis, my 'on-hands work environment' will be in the home. However, I'm sure there will be instances when I'll want to add something here of interest.  29/5: Early stages of a patchwork waistcoat has led my thoughts to Project: Mosaic - it's possible there will be a connection as time goes by.

June '13: Leg repercussion = lower back pain Oh dear!!! Anyway, this month will be less time for stitchery/ideas as I'll be involved mainly with the house side of things ie. sorting, tidying & replacing into rooms as decorating starts. I've come across a few things for "re-cycling" into the studio as well as a few ideas for making. Some small items have been revamped for the 'patio' with some new coats of paint - the main one being an oversize metal garden dragonfly! Although not very much work-wise taking place, I am continuing with the waistcoat in odd moments as well as keeping the blog entries running.
July '13: Leg(s) slowly better to walk with - have gone up 2 steps on a ladder!!  Decorating well underway by decorator & final finishings starting to materialise in my head!  2/7Anyway, this month begins with the flowering of my bottle brush & technique ideas emerging as a result for Project: Interspection but how I don't know as yet. The patchwork waistcoat sections are finished & ready for fitting asap. 18/7: I've just realised my core artistic 'love' is of pattern - & the shapes that are made as a result of something. And it doesn't matter if it's in colour or just in silhouette form. 26/7I've just uploaded a pink QR code for Stitcherydoodaaa + design ideas for Project:Pattern are just beginning to emerge following a visit to Oakham Treasures.

Aug '13: Think I may have turned a corner with legs - finally & now on upward slope! Network reinstated in Studio in first week so now better conditions for digital working. 10/8: Yesterday's visit to museums have resurrected some old ideas esp. those related to 'reflections'. Have just looked at all stats & Studio visits have shot up this past month - unsure why although Mobile Up too. Have finished initial article for magazine & other uploads too. 21/8: Button sorting yesterday re-sparked thoughts on this project & repairing 'Humpty' those on 'Make-Do-&-Mend'. Have decided to add my own types of stitching to the The Stitch Sanctuary (ie.  Project:Stitch) especially any that are 'rather unusual'. 28/8 I've started a page re Make-Do-&-Mend to temporarily display my related items & add whenever I come across more.
Sep '13:    I'm now back some days in the studio- hurray! 6/9: Printing off selected designs to next work on in studio - more texture becoming apparent on the paper copies. I've also decided to include a separate blog for 'samples' - these being the ones I want to either resurrect or experiment further with. 10/9: Yesterday in the stdio, I finished sorting ALL my buttons - separating out all the odd ones for cleaning (completed today). Using them in some way, I'm hoping to start on Project:Button - not sure how or what as yet but took some pix of button ideas from a few years ago so expect to be using them as a starting point. 16/9: After investigating 'cells' for further information, I've now decided to have it as an on-going project FOR SEVERAL REASONS: it seems to provide me with some sort of 'working tool' - it appears to graphically link many of my designs - textile interpretation (& other media) is (currently) quicker to visualise - (importantly) I'm finding it very different to what I'm used to looking at. 24/9: I've just completed details on Project:Cell & included it separately as a 'current project in progress'. As it's the first project I'm working on in the studio, it seems important I do this + it's also a place where I (& others) can view it & follow its progression.

Oct '13: Starting this month by thoroughly enjoying myself in the studio getting back to sketching & playing around with ideas on paper! Also looking forward to attending Knit & Stitch at Ally Pally. 4/10: Uploaded "Ubiquitous cells" as background imagery for Stitcherydoodaa blog. 16/10: 'Ally Pally' was thoroughly enjoyable & good to see new things as well as buying them! I've been continuing with my 'cells' ideas ... as both hand-drawn sketches & designs + some computer enhanced ones. As a result of this, I'm trying to focus just on "transparency & lighting" as well as resurrect some ideas from a few years ago. I'm not exactly sure where this will lead although another magazine article (about the cells project) is on the horizon + some specific 'stitched' items. Researching cells is also leading into other areas I have interests in so its becoming quite absorbing. Getting back into 'art & design' techniques was also good to do. 31/10: I've completed quite a few experimental 'cell' samples & have been updating the blogs + a few 'basic sewing makes, repairs & alterations. A 'cell' idea that I was hoping to begin didn't get started as a 'buy-in' section took a few weeks to be delivered!

Nov '13: I'm now 'tweaking' some of my blog pages & experiments with 'cells' artwork.
Dec '13: 'Tweaking' finished & completing the magazine article. 15/10Have focussed the magazine article on the design ideas behind a stitched version - hopefully the textile version will be the next one! As almost end of year, not much else in terms of artwork - decorating taking place & curtain-making.