Friday, 6 November 2015

Dog fur gets spun ready to knit ...

I've recently had some dog fur spun (below left) ready for me to to use for knitting (below right).

Its "story" will be discussed & detailed here within my studio blog (please click the link to read about it).

Monday, 27 July 2015

Cell progress to date ...

Above shows 3 images of the stitched cell's progression to date - at the top is when it started - the 2nd image is just before it had it chiffon layer added - the 3rd image is to date. You can see how it is (slowly!!) getting less defined but at the same time becoming more 'integrated'.

I'm quite pleased on its progress but it's much slower than originally planned ... although I'm only working on it intermittently when I have 'dedicated personal studio time'. I'm unsure if the original 'colour-play' changes will be apparent at the end but will have to wait & see.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cell being enhanced ! ...

The textile cell has been slowly stitched between various other work. It was stitched onto the bike wheel & then a variety of simple hand stitching was done to enhance it & the added plastic )close-up below):

This week saw the final phase of this stage & the next one can now begin by adding a layer of heat-treated chiffon to overlay it (see below):

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Second article in "Be Inspired" ...

Last year, I wrote another creative article for 'Be Inspired' (click if you want to find out more about the magazine). This article continues on from the first one & outlines how I go about creating & designing some inspirational thoughts. In due course (ie. as soon as I have time!), I'll also be adding it to my sets of blogs.

Re-reading it, I've decided to label it along with 2 of my other projects (Interspection & Reflection) as I'm sure at a later date, it's likely to be integrated into 1 single 'project'.