More about the Projects ...

Each project listed below, is initially given a 'temporary name' to be recognised by (eg. Project: Stitch) & during its completion, will be 'titled' with something more appropriate (eg. The Stitch Sanctuary). Sometimes a project's interpretation &/or significance changes direction during its conceptual stages. Its individual development then ceases & to signify this, a * is placed next to it.
(Click on any below for current progress)
  • Button - (begun appx 1998) based on an interest in buttons. 20/8/13: Button collection started to sort out & tidy up (appx. 85% completed before moving) - likely only old ones will be used. 10/9: Buttons now all sorted/labelled & odd ones cleaned/ready for use as I hope to make some sort of mosaic using the best ones. 20/9: I'm starting to experiment with a few odd modern pearlised buttons - some being included within techniques of Project:Cell28/9: Looking for cell info in the local library, I came across a Mosaic's technique book - confirms my idea to use them for a mosaic (currently not related to Project:Mosaic!) 11/7: Inspired by Jean Draper's book & naming my sample 'BLACK CELL', I have a feeling that the button project may have another arm!
  • Cell - (begun 16/9/13) as a result of research on cells, imagery found to be very inspirational. Many of my preferred designs are similar in their graphic representation + I find the imagery visually capable of easily transforming to textile interpretation. 21/9: After a few initial experiments with paper, I've come to the conclusion that this project will influence my work with 'transparency, illusion & movement (implied or otherwise)' - 3 areas I have a preference to work within & wanted to experiment with a few years ago. To enable its progression in a viewable entirety, I'm including it as a visual 'current project'. 30/9: Finding nothing specific in my local library on 'cells', I'm looking on-line AND found links to the 'Fibonacci Series' & Sacred Geometry. FASCINATING TOPICS - for the moment I will be including the info here. 4/10Investigating curves has led me into looking at ellipses & ovals (ie. egg shapes in particular) + also looking at Snowflakes & their structure. Artworking on computer, leads me into Illustator designs. 16/10: Computer enhanced imagery is directing me to a pathway of 'lighting' effects - hopefully the next step will be to recreate it in a (mixed) textile medium. 26/10Have just trialled using iMovie to make some pix & video into a small 'movie' using some initial 'cell' shots to do it - quite inspirational! 22/12: The cell artwork ideas are ideal for a magazine article & next year to continue it with samples. 10/1/14: Magazine article sent ready for publishing in Spring 2014 - the design aspect only (next stage samples to be added later/in due course?) 6/3: Mosaic-based imagery keeps re-appearing into my thoughts - is this Project now to be integrated into the cell one? 2/5: A 'cell' sample has been started in using various transparent fabrics/techniques - these include plastics. 24/5: This is coming along - albeit rather slower than intended (other jobs have priority!!). Initial stitching of sheer fabrics, plastics, a heat-gun worked sheer layer & punch stitching is proving to be working well. Some lighting shots are proving useful in colour & illusionary work. 11/7: After being inspired by Jean Draper's book, I've named the sample 'BLACK CELL' - at this moment in time only temporary. 17/7:  Working on the 'cell structure' yesterday, I decided to finally name it. "I started life as a cell" seems ideally suited especially as it "gathers my threads of ideas together" & ultimately forms what I see. As the piece is slowly taking shape, it's providing ideas for some more experimentation with the technique as 'stitch' options come about mainly by chance! Interesting !! 27/7:  During the past week, I've completed the stitching part & then added a PVA layer. After finally drying, I added ink to various sections (handpainted) & in the sunlight, the piece took on yet another dimension & I was very pleased with this. However I'm going to have to wait several days for it to totally dry out & see what it looks like then. 22/8:  I've come across almost-new bike wheel rim that will be perfect to mount the cell in. Stitching the next part may take a little time as I want to include another texture that's likely to need a few tests beforehand. 22/8: "Threads of an Idea" is also a phrase constantly popping into my mind. 15/10: Also leading on from this is DNA strands & sparks/links of my family/history tree!! 13/2/15: Received my copy of Be Inspired (Vol III) & surprised to see my article "Ubiquitious Cells" in print. I must get some samples continued for another article later this year. 15/6/15: Final stage of the hand stitching is finished & a layer of heat-treated chiffon is covering the work ready for the next stages of progress. Interestingly the most impressive stitches were buttonholing! 20/11/15: A layer of garden netting is now being machine embroidered & likely will be overlayed on the entire piece. 10/2/16: The netting was finished & somehow has come to signify "the end" of the entire Cell piece even though it is not yet attached to the main panel. I'm not sure why & query 'Have I just got bored with it as it's being going on too long?' I've put it all aside for the time being & will review it periodically. 19/2: The panel still seems finished!
  • Chaos - (begun 28/7/11) based on my interest in mathematics, Chaos, Codes & WWII.  28/8/13: WWII related topic removed from this project to create one alone. 
  • Dolls - (begun appx. 1998) based on certain jewellery & WWII 'Theatre de la Mode' fashion dolls.
  • Escape * - (begun 3/7/11 - completed 17/1/13) originated from a childhood memory of 'escaping' to somewhere better. 17/1: Completed as a digital gallery " CiCi CREATIONS " to showcase my work & as individual artwork explanations in the form of a visual narrative.
  • Face (begun appx 1998) based on an interest in faces aka pareidolia20/6/13: a series of unusual masks maybe as a form of jewellery. 10/8: A visit to Bristol Science museum enthuses an old mirror idea + faces. 27/214: Reviewing several past projects etc rekindles thoughts of masks.
  • Flowers - (begun 21/7/11 - ceased 10/1/13) initial images based on childhood recollections of a nature diary & certain flowers from my past. Several ideas concerning floral items but nothing concrete. 10/1: It seems appropriate to finish this project & divide the imagery between Projects: Mosaic & Pattern.
  • Interspection (begun 12/1/13) - based on my inner thoughts & feelings. Primarily a creative narrative about me & what my work portrays (mid-January may be written words). 1/2: 1st section started & by 2nd week, 3 of them completed. 10/8: Articles on 'self' written & part adapted for magazine to print later in the year - this included now within Project:Pattern & Reflection. 22/1/14: First 3 artwork sections made into a Flipbook at FlipSnack & shows its  progression. 5/2: Thoughts of different 'stages' of my journey leads to finding def. ' Monomyth '- this may be a suitable title. 2/5: A 'cell' sample (begun as a cell project) generates thoughts on how to work this design & some techniques.
  • Make-Do-&-Mend - (begun 28/8/13) removed from Project:Chaos. As I still find the subject fascinating, I want to isolate it for its unique relevance to me. It will still be based on WWII textile topic "Make-Do-&-Mend" but for the time being, will be integrated into the Stitcherydoodaa Google-site under a separate heading. 20/1/14: Found the word 'Codex' on-line & feel it to be a suitable title for the WWII Embroidered Book.
  • Mosaic - (begun 25/7/11) based on fabric &/or craft structures. Additional imagery absorbed from Project: Flowers. 10/2/13: With discovery of some notes from 2 years ago, I'm now thinking to include it within Project: Interspection. 23/5: Initial ideas from a patchwork waistcoat  are beginning to find their way to this project - I don't know where it will lead but likely via 'stitch types'.
  • Pattern - (begun 17/8/11) based on a personal fascination with pattern. 26/7/13: Looking retrospectively at my creative life, patterns seem to be extremely important to me (both regular & irregular ones) & likely this will continue. I feel it needs to be portrayed like the 'mirror' idea I had many years ago where patterns have a 'power to self-organise'. 10/8: The magazine article(s)  relating to 'Patterns in my life' may connect with Project: Interspection or Reflection2/12: Magazine article in print. 27/2/14: By adding to 'Pinterest', I've found numerous images that relate to this topic as well as others.
  • Reflection - (begun 3/7/11) based on my life's thoughts as I reflect to date. 10/8/13: Magazine aticle(s) of 'Patterns in my life' which may connect with Project: Interspection or Pattern2/12: Magazine article in print.
  • Stitch - (begun appx 1998) based on a personal interest in stitch (ie. sewing, embroidery, costume, fashion). 24/1/13: Decided to experiment with a type of 'stitch reference' library which was THE STITCHED KINGDOM (idea started in 2010). 12/2: After finding some ideas from 2 years ago, I've now renamed this as "THE STITCH SANCTUARY" - much more appropriate! 2/2/13: Tidied up e-pages etc & promoting/linking via other blogs - samples, stitches & descriptions added as a slide show. This will be an on-going project until all reference material completed. 10/8: I'm also going to add some personal stitching examples - ones previously or recently completed + those currently working on. Experimental work may also be added in the future.