Diary 2015 !

Dec '14: One year on reflection:
  • more on-line presence has occurred
  • 1 magazine article printed & another sent off for 2015
  • regular attendance in Hobbycraft
  • further dressmaking & other sewing activities recorded
Jan '15: Usual end-of-year computer updating etc finished + on reflection. Web site (m5stitch) updated to include wedding dress & other basic texts etc for review later mid-year.  18/1: Wedding dress design & write up completed on CiCi Designs as well as including Boning a Bodice as a dedicated stitching project.

Feb '15: Very slowly getting recognised via Google searches for various stitching project enquiries - good to know it's working albeit a slow process. 8/2: I'll also be including a hemming topic within the Stitcherydoing web-link & adding other things as time progresses. I have so much varied information it seems stupid not to use it within all this. 13/2: I had my copy of Be Inspired delivered today (Vol III) & looked inside only to see my last article in print "Ubiquitious Cells" - it was a lovely surprise to see it only I realised I had little info regarding contact details! Must rectify this for the next article - already underway & about the Halloween wedding dress. 25/2: Have just added a Facebook page although it seems rather long-winded..............perhaps I've just got to get to grips with it!!!

March - June '15: A very slow time of progress for my own work although I have been adding hand stitching to the 'cell'. However a lot of other progress has been made as a result of my internet-based work .... resulting in a gradual flow of dressmaking & sewing! 18/6: Have finished the first part of the cell hand stitching & added the next layer of chiffon. Where to go next? I'm not exactly sure but like all 'artistic blocks' .... just do something else & you'll soon find an answer!!! Back in May our GSD dog had to be put to sleep & after some 25 years collecting combings from 2 dogs, I've decided to have it spun to knit or crochet. Maybe this may filter through into the cell???

July '15: The dog combings have been sorted into colours (roughly) & 'best bits' - this took 2 afternoons!! They were then taken to the spinner & I'm now awaiting the finished result. 8/7: Have decided to continue with hand-stitching the next 'cell' layer using a lurex thread & straight-stitch. It holds the chiffon in place with the underlayers as well as creating a top layer!! With other work I'm doing I can now only stitch intermittently so only a few pix able slowly!! 18/7: A request via Streetlife has so far 'created' a stitchery group - hopefully this may turn into a dedicated group of stitchers who may need some tuition! but guess I'll have to wait & see.

Aug '15: I've been updating the 'm5stitch' web pages (now a year since I started it) & been pleased to find that it has bought along some textile enquiries/alterations. In between various 'jobs', I'm slowly adding to 'my cell' stitchery which all the time appears to get more textured & have added depth. Although only being stitched in basic stitches (mainly straight & buttonhole), its apperance to me is quite addictive! 11/8: The stitchery group is now meeting once a week (adopting the name of Stitcherydoers) & although only small, does have a few regular attendees. As it's summer hol time, we'll have to see if more people come along in September. I'll be collecting my spun dog yarn this weekend so expect this to be the start of another project!

Sept - Dec '15: Many months since I've updated here - mainly related to computer problems because it's now got a bit out-of-date in relation to what I'm trying to do etc etc. However, several things have been completed including (in no particular order): making a set of silver bridesmaids dresses, giving a talk to a gardening club, knitting some of our dog's fur into a hat, massively tidying up the studio & almost completing the 'cell' panel stitchery. From mid December the computer was updated & only reused in Jan 2016 .... possibly the best place to continue with this now!!!