First steps ...

When I was very young, I was interested in many textile crafts & enjoyed making things. At school, I was generally good at most subjects - my special favourites being art, maths & geography. By 'A' level age, I knew I wanted to go to art college to study fashion &/or textiles BUT wasn't "permitted" to go. The only choice I was given was 'go to work' ... I got involved in computing. Over the years I have always maintained these 2 diverse interests and been very fortunate to work successfully in both fields.

However, for many reasons, I've been unable to have dedicated time to be able to pursue that earlier ambition of being a full-time practising artist. Now I have chosen to take this direction & don't know if what I'm doing is 'the right way' to do it, but it is MY WAY & it's MY TIME! So with the help of this "e-world", I shall be keeping a record of the journey that began soon after my birthday in 2011.

Periodically (as a means of reference, direction &/or interpretation), I shall refer to old notebooks, sketches & a series of 'artistic collections' gathered over the years. This will develop into a visual  'narrative' about me with additional 'notes' added as I travel along my creative path. I'll be using a digital camera (some unusual shots displayed as Magical pix) as well as a variety of computer & artistic skills to record what I'm looking at & show what artistic direction I'm taking. If I come across any 'detours' I can stay 'on track' by adding reference link reminders & shall keep notes to stay focussed!

At each major step along the various 'exploration' routes, I'm 'taking stock' of my progress & shall transform it into a creative art form: this is being displayed at CiCi Creations. Naturally on such an 'adventure' as this, I don't know how long I'm going to take but don't forget ...

... like any other journey, I (or anyone else who shares my experience),
won't know whether it was enjoyable until the end is reached!

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