Thursday, 17 July 2014

The cell piece is named ...

I've gradually been adding a variety of threads to my 'cell' - beginning with metallics, I've continued with sewing cottons. The overall effect is becoming  just as I imagined it to ultimately be & trust it will continue this way as I progress. It's a somewhat slow progress as it's a little 'finger-aching' especially to do for an entire day but that's the only time I'm able to currently work on it!

The fabrics are gradually becoming merged together with the threads - one of the problems is the breaking of the fine threads when working through the thicker plastic/paper/fabric layers. Other than that the technique is quite enjoyable to work & a few 'stitch' options are appearing!! Here's a close-up section of the above:

Two other results have arisen from this - one being the visual image as it 'moves back' while taking a picture of it (below left) - the other, the reverse of the sample is quite interesting (below right).

Whilst working this piece, I've decided to finally give it the title of "I started life as a cell" - after all, that's how I came about !!!