Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I started life as a cell (stage 4) ...

Here's a close-up of 'my cell' to date ... I'm really pleased with the results & have to wait a few days for this to totally dry.

From last time, I added some ink to various sections & in the sun it took on a new dimension!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

An unusual skin !! ...

While working on the cell the other day, an interesting result was the production of 'skin-like' fabric pieces when the clingwrap was wet. I draped it over my dummy (covered in a black plastic sack) to dry & will have to wait for the end result when I'm next in to look at it !!

Friday, 25 July 2014

I started life as a cell (stage 3) ...

I'm now about to begin the next part of the work - below is the final stage of adding black thread.

Some sheets of cling wrap have been coated in PVA & this has been layed over the work. being a nice warm day, it's drying well so I can remove the plastic when tacky. Here's the result while still wet - I'll have to wait til totally dry to continue.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The cell piece is named ...

I've gradually been adding a variety of threads to my 'cell' - beginning with metallics, I've continued with sewing cottons. The overall effect is becoming  just as I imagined it to ultimately be & trust it will continue this way as I progress. It's a somewhat slow progress as it's a little 'finger-aching' especially to do for an entire day but that's the only time I'm able to currently work on it!

The fabrics are gradually becoming merged together with the threads - one of the problems is the breaking of the fine threads when working through the thicker plastic/paper/fabric layers. Other than that the technique is quite enjoyable to work & a few 'stitch' options are appearing!! Here's a close-up section of the above:

Two other results have arisen from this - one being the visual image as it 'moves back' while taking a picture of it (below left) - the other, the reverse of the sample is quite interesting (below right).

Whilst working this piece, I've decided to finally give it the title of "I started life as a cell" - after all, that's how I came about !!!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Dissolving ideas ! ...

On Amazon the other week I came across the above book "Stitch & Structure" by Jean Draper & for some reason had to buy it (as you do!!!). It's been a brilliant read & provided lots of inspirational ideas especially to do with dissolvable fabrics & the variety around today. I think I shall have to get hold of some now as I think it will answer some of my creative problems I'm experiencing re the 'cell' & other projects.

I'm still stitching with metallic threads on 'Black Cell' in the studio but much of my time recently has been spent dressmaking for customers as well as some alterations for 'Prom dresses'.

Sorry Black Cell !!! work must come first!