Thursday, 28 March 2013

Seeking to understand the tradition ...

The above ("Laid to Rest" Skull Brooch - one of my stitched 'artworks') was one result of studying some worked examples of an embroidery technique (needlelace) whilst researching WWII. 

During the past week I've been studying some of my collection of embroidery samples - mainly to update details for The Stitch Sanctuary (if you click this link you'll be able to see them). Anyway, whilst doing it, I was reminded of the phrase:

Seek to understand the tradition and the techniques will regenerate within your imagination

... and I belive (just as in the example above) that's quite a true saying. On looking at my samples quite a few new 'stitchery' ideas are beginning to 'float to the surface' - especially ones that I can now relate to Project: Dolls. 

Friday, 22 March 2013

The memory of water ...

During the past few years (with my aim of getting to where I am now), I started to keep a notebook of words & phrases that I'd been thinking & which may be useful for me to use in the future. The title of this post is one of these & seemed quite appropriate for these images (others I've recently come across whilst continuing with 'digital housekeeping'!

To explain: About 15 years ago, I painted my 'studio' walls with a totally imaginary landscape & using just emulsion paint. The room & no specific view from the windows & as a 'studio workroom' I decided to paint what I would like see when working. (I have a vivid imagination & the scene can easily become quite realistic.) The 3 pictures (above & below taken when moving out) show a secluded 'beach' (image above) with some trees on a hillside to the right (image lower left) & flowers on a 'mound' to the left (below right shows overall view from the doorway).

I thoroughly enjoyed using this room at all times to work in & it was always 'bright & cheerful. When it was 'tidied' for the intending house move (& much of my equipment was boxed up), it was 'altered' to become a bedroom where the landscape became a focal point. (I hope to do something similar in my new studio at some time in the future.)

Anyway, to get back to "The memory of water" (written in my notes mid 2011), within several hundred yards of where I now live, I have this view which I find not very different from the one I painted from my imagination.

I have yet to be here on a summery day - when it comes I'll take a shot to see how it compares! By the way, I've never been to this place before I came to live here or ever seen a picture of it. However, the place name is relevant - it links to a tray (from another country) that was one of my earliest childhood memories. Spooky or not ?!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lazy Daisy ...

One of the embroidered linens I've been uploading to the STITCH SANCTUARY has constantly 'caught my eye' since I originally bought it many years ago. I don't know why but I think it maybe connected to its stitch term of 'LAZY DAISY'.

Several thoughts recently are now beginning to connect to Project: Doll - especially the above imagery!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Wrap in cotton wool ...

A few weeks ago I came across this verse in one of my old notebooks:
             Wrap in cotton wool & it will soon become a straight-jacket

- it had sprung to mind after thinking about one of my "ghosts" last year. Anyway, I wrote it down as somehow it seemed important. This morning, whilst looking for a particular image file, I noticed another image (from last year) that somehow tied together with the verse. So a quick slip into Photoshop produced the above which really (almost) does portray that verse.

Where will this go I wonder !

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Strange bodies & coverings ...

I'm hoping to get some earlier sketches made up into actual artworks - above just one of the ideas. To get some sort of order into their display & so I can see them quickly together too, I've added a few of them in my sketchbook here (click if you want to take a look). At this point in time, I'm undecided what techniques I shall use etc etc but completed 'shapes' being considered are (my use of these words for the ideas): dolls, masks, parachutes, covers.

I've also added more items into my "collections" - as again, they are easier & quicker for me to find here when I'm referencing.