Diary 2016 !

Dec '15: The computer was updated & ready to begin use for 2016! Reflection over the past year
  • further on-line presence but problems later in year causes a decline in use
  • 2 magazine articles printed
  • monthly attendance in Hobbycraft
  • specific dressmaking & other sewing activities recorded
  • small group of 'crafters' meeting weekly
Jan '16: I've finally got my upgraded computer back so now can complete usual end-of-year computer updating + verification of various softwares/hardwares.etc  22/1: Web site (m5stitch) updated for 2016 & start of updates to various blogs.

Feb '16: Gradually getting round to all updates on my blogs etc etc. 10/2: The crafting group is still meeting & VERY slowly having a few newbies -join us so hope this continues. Having the computer upgraded has been of great benefit - much easier & quicker to update things. As all the blogs are cross-referencing, I'm beginning to wonder where to go next with them. My original idea from over 5 years ago has worked well although my 'hit rate' is lower than I'd ideally like. It's crossed my mind on several occasions to 'bring them altogether' somehow ... I'll probably start on this in due course! In looking at 'Project:Cell' recently, I think I've almost completed it so will finish that very shortly. I've also been having a good 'tidy-up' in the studio .... this could have something to do with the end of Cell!! 19/2: After having the computer upgraded, I thought it a good idea to now get my "Image Library" uptodate as well & have finished that today. CiCi Designs is also having another outfit added as well as being re-organised. Again thinking about somehow amalgamating all blogs etc into one - haven't yet any idea of how this could happen but it keeps having a periodic thought(s) !!

Apr '16: The year is speeding by fast!! I haven't had much time to update any blogs in detail as much of my "working" time is spent with various dressmaking alterations. The most significant "creative" work has been with the "dog fur knitting" which hopefully should be completed very soon ......... I'm on the last colour striping with over 300 stitches on the needle!! Still increasing (with occasional problems of lost stitches!!), I've possibly only another dozen or so rows to be done to finish it. If you're interested, you can read it all here.