Friday, 19 July 2013

Patterns ...

The night before last, I watched a recording about Faberge & his Eggs as I love them & his work. As I watched (& began to have some textile 3D ideas forming), so many on-screen patterns seemed to jump out at me ... so many shapes I also have preferences for.

Then yesterday I spent some time writing a magazine article about my work - actually I've completed the initial 'draft' version & now going through it updating & putting in better phrases etc! Whist reading through its beginning (a very brief outline about me) it suddenly dawned on me that one thing I've always been fascinated with is PATTERNS.

Obviously (!), sewing ones but also knitting, crochet, embroidery, lace etc etc ... but not the actual pattern instructions but the shapes of what the results create & form. Those 'shapes' known as bodices - sleeves - cuffs - collars - pockets - bags - tops - mats - scarves - gloves - socks and so on. Typing this now, I'm reminded here of a wall-hanging I made a few years ago that has miniature dress pieces stitched (then embroidered) onto a basic 'dress shape' to form a full-size hanging:

As a dressmaker, I love fabric & consequently the weave patterns as well as any surface stitchery. I also love the inner & created shapes of mosaics, grids, architecture, kaleidoscopes & those patterns formed by mathematical equations with fractals, chaos & space being exciting. From YouTube is this to demonstrate:

And I'm making mention of all this now as I feel it to be extremely significant. I'm not sure why but possibly in the context of a direction where I shall go next or maybe how I continue with Project: Interspection.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hot Pink Bottle Brush ...

In the mid 1970s, I lived in Oz & fell in love with certain plants. Coming back to the UK & many years later I got one of these in red for the garden & it grew into a lovely shrub. I moved, bought another to replace it but it didn't grow so well & rarely flowered. Now having moved again, I thought I'd try once more & about 2 weeks ago I bought this one. In "Hot Pink" (& it really is much more vibrant than the image), it attract the bees in profusion. My attraction to it:

  • is the colours - in this one: the varied shades of green, pink & yellow
  • the way it grows - just like a bottle brush
  • the way the blossom petals unfolds from the little balls
  • the way the bees climb inside the spiky 'stalks'
Somehow I feel these images will have a connection to Project: Interspection