Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cell designs - stage 1 ...

A brilliant day yesterday in the studio - the result above. While hunting in my cupboards, I found some handmade paper samples that I'd been keeping for a particular use. Made from re-cycled paper in greys & purples, they had originally dried to quite delicate textures & I thought them ideal for this project. The above shows them half-way through the afternoon while drying - I like the crinkles appearing but doubt if they will remain.

I also completed some other 'experiments' - below right I want to symbolise 'inspection' with the addition of clear plastic. I have also guled on & added a fabric/paper backing (paper on dyed muslin) with the intention of stitchery through all layers.

The design below also has further handmade card added behind the initial design - unsure where to go next with this one!

(if you want to see any of these 'progression routes' in more detail, have a look here in my studio).