Thursday, 31 January 2013

Addition of colour creates unexpected 3D effect ...

Today I've being playing on my tablet - I said I wanted to draw so thought I'd try it digitally (another thing I've been meaning to get round to over the years). I started simply in colour, drawing lines in Illustrator (for me I thought it should be stitching shape ones), then added some simple blocks (see finished result at right).

After this, I then liquified the result in Photoshop before overlaying with a semi-transparent image I'd created yesterday.

The result is above ... I like the effect of undulation & other new images that seem to be appearing. The colour combinations work well in the final version - I don't know exactly why I chose them, I just did.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

LINES represented graphically ...

Yesterday I started on some digital imagery regarding Shape & Form. Using imagery I took at the weekend (with additions of a few others in my newly organised digital 'library'), I've created a photo montage of what I perceive to be graphical imagery for a selection of words I connect with LINES. Above is the result when finally Photoshopped into a pattern (done to visually organise the colours) & below is the original.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


My first thoughts about STRUCTURE are LINES. If I were to be putting pen on paper, I'd be drawing a selection of these:
  • straight, curved, angled, thick, thin, small, large, taper, radiate, dotted, solid,
  • several, varied, joined, separate, linked, 
  • show direction, provide a shape, provide an appearance, give an outline shape, create an illusion, suffer an after image, give a position, form a junction,
  • invisible lines made by 'light', liquid/gravity, gas
I'm now off to do this digitally !

Monday, 28 January 2013

STRUCTURES: Shape & Form ...

Often having ideas causes me a problem when it comes to them actually 'taking shape'. Thinking about this during the weekend, I came to a conclusion about where I should 'creatively' go next - look at STRUCTURES - SHAPE & FORM.

It seems as if I may be able to get some answers to some questions I ask myself. I'd quite like to start some actual drawings (with real pencils & paper etc) but with my supplies being in the studio, can't get to them easily. The next best thing (& quicker for me at the moment), is to work on this via my camera together with some images I came across whilst 'organising' things.

With this in mind, Saturday I ventured out (as a car passenger) armed with my camera & took shots of what, for me), showed STRUCTURE by SHAPE &/or FORM. On Sunday, I then looked up the definitions (see below) for comparison with what I had thought & captured on camera. It was quite an interesting exercise which I am intending doing more with other than 'initial note jottings'.

Official definitions: 

  • STRUCTURE - (noun) arrangement of & relationship between parts or elements of something complex (verb) construct or arrange according to to a plan, give a pattern or organisation to
  • SHAPE - (noun) external form or appearance of something or someone
  • FORM - (noun) visible shape or configuration (verb) bring together parts or combine to create something

(My) examples of the above definitions:

  • STRUCTURE - lines, circles, curves, angles, mental
  • SHAPE - buildings, churches, plants, flowers, universe, sky, clouds, water, sea, illusion
  • FORM - patterns, mathematic equations (chaos), textiles, mosaics, glass/mirafiori, animal skins, shadows/outlines, reflections, movement, nature

Considering this, today, it also made me realise why I am interested in some of the things I am & for what reason I'm drawn to them. It would appear (at the moment) they all have some things in common so will be looking at this in more detail tomorrow. 

NOTE: I've labelled this entry ART as within my actual filing system, this is where I would normally 'file' this type of information - alongside the image above.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Project: Interspection now taking a shape !

Whilst I was considering the 'stitches' project, I have also decided to review my blogs.  They too have got rather 'untidy' during the past year's move & in view of what I'm trying to ultimately achieve, think it will help to keep my ideas focussed. My earliest 2009 blog entries (those predominantly giving an insight into how my creativity started) are being included alongside other 'background' information. Many people in both my private & working lives have often asked & then suggested I should 'write a book'. Perhaps!!

With blog entries now on the move, another current project (Interspection) is beginning to have a 'working' image. It's a 'concept' I had several years ago & at the time hoped to use at sometime in the future - I now feel that time has arrived & likely the above image will be included too!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Project Stitch takes a form !

Yesterday I decided that Project:Stitch could now have a creative "form". I'm somewhat unsure if it will (ultimately) remain like this but for the immediate future, it is to be digital & on-going.

It's 'name' (for the time-being) is : The Stitched Kingdom & here's the start of it - 1st stage ... the above image displaying one of my earliest memories of my "actual stitching".

NOTE: On 12/2/13, after coming across some old notes, the name has now been changed to THE STITCH SANCTUARY

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


St. Paul's Carry Bag
Today has led my thoughts back into stitching - possibly because the gallery is on-line & I started to remember another (this time, stitched) black & white image from my past. The above I made as a carrying bag/outer cover to house the embroidered book below.

A few initial ideas for Project: Stitch are being tossed around - a few relating to some sort of mosaic style image. As yet nothing concrete but I thought I'd upload pages of my Embroidered Book (below) as a 'test' to be used later - there's also some basic information regarding what the book is about & why it was made.

Monday, 21 January 2013

" Over the Bridge and Far Away "


Project: Escape is now complete - shown as a 
digital gallery to display my creative works-of-art.
If you want to visit ...

Additionally, if you'd like to know more about WHY & HOW I started all this, then click here:

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I've got a Round Tuit !!

Whilst image organising during the past week, I came across the above (shown Photoshop inverted) & feel it relevant to include here. It's actually a shadow (on a footpath) of some railings & somewhat signifies what I've just completed regarding bringing all my e-worlds together here @ 'Carol Sydney' ... a main link that holds my 'working' yet separate 'arms' together.

Back in February 2009, I made my first entry on a blog & a few months later, started another one for a group of students as a means of displaying their on-going textile work. I created some others (all related to what I do within my working fields) and in 2010, decided to link them together in some form. After all, they're all my own creation & it seemed like a good & very useful idea. However, a house & work relocation into another county of the UK held me up in completing the task &, to be honest, all the things needed to continue with it were in a 'BIG MESS' and needed a 'good sort out & tidy up'.

However, over recent months, I've been forced to get on with it - in fact with both feet up & resting them, it's all I can do! And in a way, I'm very happy that I've now managed to complete that job - even though it's taken over 2 years!!!! I'd also like to mention that I'm so glad I bought a ROUND TUIT many years ago - even though I wasn't the person it was meant for !!

NOTE: It's also significant that the above image is of a footpath ... especially when at the moment I can't walk for any distance (& normally can) & my footprints are now only digital ones !

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

All in place ?

My previous working area
Having got all my pix in working order, I've now started to work on my "e-world" - another ideal job when you have your legs up & can't do much else! I feel it appropriate to add the above 'real' map of where I've been in the past - hopefully there will be another in the next few days to signify where I'm at now!

The blogs & webs started a few years ago can now in 'one sweep' be linked together & updated where appropriate. I'm not sure yet exactly where or how this will be done - will just have to wait & see as it starts to work! I think everything is cross-referenced although at this early stage I'm sure not everything is 100% - anyway here goes:

As my past students craft images were one of the lengthiest to organise, they were left almost til last. Now complete, their display (with other teaching information) can be viewed here :
Students work & textile information

If you're interested in what's going-on in my 'actual' studio, then peek inside here :

If you want more information on what techniques I'm currently working on, then look here :

If you'd like to make some of the things mentioned in my narratives, you'll find their instructions here :

If you'd like to see some of my collection &/or why I collect it, then go here :
My Collections

And finally, if you'd just like to have a look at some unusual photos I've taken, they're here :
Quirky album

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Contrasts, structures & patterns

Today I finally completed all my image library - a massive job that I'd been putting off for ages. Doing it has given me several creative ideas although I'm finding it difficult to 'quickly' get them down on the computer. It's a lot easier with a paper & pencil so am considering on bringing my tablet into the mix. With feet up & using the laptop, another thing on my knee is going to be awkward but will have a go & see what happens.

To try & stay focussed on the 'Interspection' piece, I'm going to add it to the list of Projects so it will be easier for me to quickly access. The above image from my library, is one I really like & simply summarises what I like to see or look at - primarily contrasts, structures & patterns.

Also, I often use made-up words or phrases that are better suited for their intended purpose. For example, my word 'Interspection' came into my head & the nearest definition is for a similar word 'Introspection'. However, my initial ideas on the project involved black & a body form & on looking up the meaning of 'Inter', this will be more appropriate.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ahead of myself ...

August 2011 - Mask or Mandala
On waking this morning, I've decided that my first piece of work will be entitled "Interspection" - a good name for what it will portray. Following along the lines of the above, it's likely it will be some sort of 'mosiac' or 'patchwork' - both topics I'm interested in & which will better depict my thoughts & definitions. It's probable that the piece of work will be either a 2D facial or 3D body representation.

Anyway, hopefully today I'll complete sorting out all my pix which will mean I'll be able to access & add to them more easily. This process has helped me determine why I take the type of shots I do, what I like about them & what I hope to use them for.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Patterns of communication ...

The circumstances of my feet being still up (with little walking around) means I'm continuing with my 'housekeeping' - sorting out all previous pix on the computer. I realised yesterday morning (almost when finishing) that I'd done the wrong set & am now having to re-do it all again. One big lesson that I should have known about - make sure you don't keep duplicates & triplicates of things & then label them identically!

Anyway, it's helped me to recall some things I'd forgotten about & lost (in my e-world) plus (by tidying up & linking all my blogs together before Xmas), keeping me focussed on what I'm creatively trying to do. Also, by actually looking at the many images I've accumulated, I'm starting to realise what it is I like about them & why I needed to record the image.

For example, coming across this image above which I like because of the patterns portrayed, it made me remember this verse I read at my father's cremation:
There is no Death! The stars go down
To rise upon some other shore,
And bright in heaven’s jewelled crown
They shine for evermore.

This thought process continues & gets 'filed' alongside the previous set of images entitled 'Project: Pattern'. As I refresh these memories, a design idea is now starting to form & hopefully be created. For this reason, 'Project: Flowers' will cease to be & its images are being divided between 'Project: Mosaic' & 'Project Pattern'. Maybe you can see why:

NOTE: The title of this entry extremely appropriate & almost likely to be the 'label' for the textile creation!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A face amongst the trees ...

Another pic from last year that inspires something, is this tree with its facial marks. It also reminds me that:
Eyes are gateways to your soul

Housekeeping stimulates thought processes !

Sitting here with my leg up resting (fluid on the knee), I've been 'housekeeping my laptop'. Sifting through last years pix before moving, I came across this which I've cropped & is ideal for project 'Reflections'.  I thought it to be a good representation of how I was seeing my creative world at that moment in time.

(For anyone interested, it's the reflection seen in a large tray of water that was put in the garden as a birdbath - details another time of what it shows!)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Communication now

Came into 2013 with a very painful & swollen knee - sitting with it up, unable to do anything except play with my new toy!! ... wish I had other legs to use!!

Having mentioned my father's shortwave Lafayette radio, somewhat ironic that a Christmas treat for me was the Samsung Note 2. It's brilliant & ideal for what I'm hoping to do.