Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mosaic or cell artwork?

For some reason I'm drawn back to an earlier sketch of several years ago - why at this moment in time? Thoughts of crazy/random patchwork - mosaics - Gaudi are beginning to filter into my thoughts (the sketch above to represent this) & not for the first time! Over recent months, this seem to be a repeating progression of creative thoughts & ideas that need to be addressed. So, glancing back over my 'creative route' to date, many interesting images are almost 'mosaic-like' in their appearance & have this almost as a common theme (perhaps because I have many interests myself & tend to work in a rather mosaicked manner).

Anyway, looking at the definition of the word, there appears to be an immediate link (2 & 3 below) to my current cell project as well as the mosaic one (1 below):
  1. a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small pieces of stone, tile, glass, etc
  2. an individual (especially an animal) composed of cells of two genetically different types
  3. a virus disease that results in leaf variegation in tobacco, maize, sugar cane, and other plant

At this stage further 'sketches' need to be completed (I may start this via some computer designs - see my sketch book) PLUS this could now indicate that Project: Mosaic & Project: Cell are to become one!

UPDATE: 10 March ... have now created some fabric samples & sketches continuing this on, click UPDATE to see them