Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Samples of fabric meshes now in progress ...

2 mesh sample structures are now progressing - both using scraps left from a previous project. I usually use bits & pieces like this, as they are ready-to-hand & as such, are only being used to test certain techniques.
this sample reminds me of  'stained glass'
this one reminds me of an old-fashioned American quilt
In both cases, the samples are based on a 'MESH' & ultimately (hopefully!) will provide the techniques for several of my on-going projects. In both of the above samples, I am impressed with the way the 'fabric' retains its suppleness as well as having a tendency to 'form' into a 3D shape (this is also providing other ideas for development).

Also, both the above samples remind me of 'hand-made' paper in the way they both "handle" - an interesting side-effect of the work!